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Are the tendrils
Of colours
That are slowly creeping
Into My Mind

Are the sights
That are making
Me shriek with laughter

Are the thoughts
That are making me sigh
With pleasure

No, it’s not madness
My darling, you are wrong.
It’s a drug.
Compelling, and
Almost consuming.


The Meeting

PicsArt_1373797698171-1Far away from here
In a distant land
Away from the sea
There is a shore

With breeze so salty
You can taste it on your teeth
And on your tongue and lips

With salmon sunsets
Alabaster moonlight
Dipping into the orange horizon

Here, on this shore
We can stand as equals
Unbridled by our
Lack of sorrow and pain
Non-existent problems
And thoughts of loss and gain

Your flyaway hair
Golden and free
Your bright sapphire eyes
More wondrous than the sea
Wash over me
Wash over me…

You are the waves
Powerful and wild
And I, Oh I so badly
Want to play with you
Alas! I am scared of the ocean
I never did learn how to swim

So I’ll stand on my shore, this distant land
With my feet firmly planted in the sand
Golden kernels caging my toes
I’ll wait for you to hit the shore

Far away from here
In a distant land
Away from the sea
There is a shore.

And on that shore, you and I
Water and sand
Will meet.

And you, my darling
Will wash over me


When we fall in love,
I want to feel it
In the core of my being
Let it not float
On my lips
Just my lips
Like some hollow declaration
Of some plastic future

Let it echo through my insides
Bang against my bones
Tear out in short gasps of breath
Bursts of fireworks
Yes yes yes
Snatches of intense, fervent emotion
Pouring out from every opening
Every gap
Plugging all our holes with
Perfervid sensation
One string
An invisible link
Between you and me

Let it wake me up
Like coffee
Hot, Bitter and Strong
Let it shake my insides
Make me laugh and
Perhaps cry
And bleed

Let us tumble
Dive headfirst
Into a rush of butterflies
Tying stomachs into knots
Let it be everything
Potent, Over-powering and raw
Who wants a fairy tale?

Let it hit us like a ton of iron bricks
Rattle our rib cages
Break a few bones
And some hearts, maybe?

Let it be pure
And happy
Just happy
Dancing-On-Air happy

Let our knees wobble with weakness
A heady rush of blood to the head
With each beat of the heart

Let it shatter our insides
Peel our skins
Cause flesh to rot
Splinter our bones
Mark us with hidden, indelible ink
Till all we have left are our bare souls

This love we feel
Should not
Will not leave us with mere fleshwounds, darling


Thank you google images!
Thank you google images!

Let’s get wonderfully lost
Ditch the map
Forget our phones
Follow the stars
Penniless pockets
Unfamiliar tongues

Let’s catch the train
And go where it takes us
Along slopes of hills and valleys
With the smell of tea
Lingering in the air
Along the ocean
Can you feel the salt coating your lips?

Let’s eat dishes
With names we can’t pronounce
And meet people
Whose words will be etched
In our hearts forever

Let’s stop looking at the world
From our shiny tour buses
With giant binoculars in our hands
And faces pressed against tinted windows
Why not jump off the bus
And just wander?
Let’s lose the intinerary

Let’s revel
In not knowing
Where we are or
Where we’re going
Let’s get beautifully lost

Let’s fall into Wanderlust

I Woke Up

While you were asleep,
I woke up.

I woke up
To a world of tales,
A mosaic of lovely stories,
Woven together by me.

I woke up
To a life of happiness.
Of  joyous colours.
Stunning alchemies
Endless hopes.
Held together only by my fantasies

I woke up
To a world of dreams
More vivid than any you have ever seen.
More real than the ones you currently dream.
I woke up to bridge the gap
Between my dreams and realities

I woke up
To see the white in the black
The beauty in the plain
The laughter in the happiness
And the joy in the pain.

I woke up
To the wonders of  a smile
And to the excitement of  a surprise

I woke up
While you were asleep.

What am I?

 What am I?


What am I, but a gentle whisper?

 A lone tree, in a rain forest.

A star, hidden by the glow of the moon.


What am I, but a humble servant?

A tiny drop in the ocean.

The dot on the ‘I’.


What am I, in this sea of souls?

A tiny toe on the footprint of mankind.

A single page in the book of eternity.


What am I, in this universe?

But a single speck on the expanse of nothingness.

 An action. A choice. A decision.

Can they really change my place?

 Will I make my mark in history?

Or will I fade away like words written on sand?

Woman’s Woe


The world was free, though she felt caged.

She felt angry, upset and enraged.

They said we have freedom, yet she had no voice,

Nothing she could do, she had no choice.

No happiness, opportunities or rights,

Oh! What a miserable plight.

She lives her life, handicapped.

But the spirit within her can’t be trapped.

With patience, she waits for a fresh start.

Hoping and praying for a change of heart.

Ready to leave the past behind.

Waiting to use her own mind.

She shakes off change’s mocking smile.

Learns that it is her who has to go the extra mile.

Things won’t change if she leaves them this way

She has to fight to have her say.

Though women are denied equality,

They know how to maintain solidarity.

Not ready to give up, not ready to give in.

Going to keep fighting till they win.

Turning Tables

An old man was once walking one way

He met a young man who worked for him back in the day

His clothes once ragged, were now brand new

And his hair smelt of some expensive shampoo.

Said the old to the young,

“It seems like your fate has sung.”

Chuckling, the man replied

“I’ve never forgotten the days when you crushed my pride.

Made me your slave.  Took what I had.

Gave me nothing in return.  It made me sad.

I saw the way people looked at me.

Heard when they whispered, “Stay away, you creep.”

It hurt me. Brought tears to my eyes.

But I knew better than to cry.

I pushed myself to find an escape.

From this injustice, from this rape.

I worked as hard as I possibly could.

Fought for recognition. Took pride in all I withstood.

Now the world hardly cares where I come from.

It’s who I am that makes them look twice.

They’ve forgotten the looks they once gave me.

They’ve forgotten that they said, “Stay away from he.”

They bow down to me. A nice change, don’t you think?

For if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this.

A man may be as poor as it gets.

He may not have a home or a roof on his head.

But treat him well. And be nice.

For tomorrow you may meet your own demise.

For when you are gone,

Lost, forgotten and withdrawn.

He’s still around,

Laughing at how you have drowned.

He won’t give you a second thought.

Because respect, like happiness, cannot be bought.”

The old man disguised his contempt well.

Yet he could not help but dwell

On how the tables had turned.

For now, he was worse for wear.

And the pain was his to bear.