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Can’t touch
Without hurting
Each other
Can’t speak
Without choking
On Dust
Can’t cry
Tears have run dry
Still, mirage is enough.
To keep them alive.
What they call love
You call sadness.
The life of a cactus.


My Tryst With Death

Written for a college assignment.
Topic- Suicide

I wait here for you
Not a whisper escapes my mouth
For if they were to hear me
And pour black ink over our rendezvous
What would I do?

Patiently, as always
I await you
I have one candle left
Glowing brightly,
Illuminating the glum despair
That I call home

The wait has left me weary
But not for worse
I know that you will come
And take me away
And I will be better once again
Not one sharp breathe should escape my throat
For if they were to hear me
And pour black ink over our rendezvous
What would I do?

I draw attention to the flame alight
My only source of warmth in this life of blackness
The wind is violent, The flame flickers
I encase my hands around the burning wax
As I watch it shrink, melting away, consuming itself
Much like my time here
Yet, I cannot let the flame die out
Not till you get here
I have but one candle left
I have lost a thousand, waiting for you

How will I spot you?
Your coat is black, they say
As black as this poisonous night
Like gums stained with cigarette ash
Like dark Roses playing with my eyes

Inviting me
Deceiving me
Is this deceit again, I wonder
Will you even come…

I hear the whooshing sound of your cloak
And smile to myself
You came after all
‘I never doubted you,’ I say.
My give will be your take
As will yours be mine
I’ll trade my life for your freedom

As we walk out hand in hand
I think, that our rendezvous has been black
A momentary pang of regret strikes me
The last shard of pain that I will ever feel
I look at my candle
All that remains
Is a puddle of waning wax