Woman’s Woe


The world was free, though she felt caged.

She felt angry, upset and enraged.

They said we have freedom, yet she had no voice,

Nothing she could do, she had no choice.

No happiness, opportunities or rights,

Oh! What a miserable plight.

She lives her life, handicapped.

But the spirit within her can’t be trapped.

With patience, she waits for a fresh start.

Hoping and praying for a change of heart.

Ready to leave the past behind.

Waiting to use her own mind.

She shakes off change’s mocking smile.

Learns that it is her who has to go the extra mile.

Things won’t change if she leaves them this way

She has to fight to have her say.

Though women are denied equality,

They know how to maintain solidarity.

Not ready to give up, not ready to give in.

Going to keep fighting till they win.


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